Get started

Make the decision to go vegan

Educate yourself on the ethics. The recent UK-based animal agriculture documentary Land of Hope & Glory will reveal lots of visual information about farming practices- but also look into all aspects of animal use- the so-called vegetarian and pescatarian industries such as the dairy industry, the egg industry and the fishing/sealife industry. Watch videos and read fact sheets on animal experimentation, animal exploitation and hunting – and as a compassionate person, you will find more than enough motivation to stay vegan.

Now you know why, how about the how:

Vegan Support Groups

The website Challenge22 offers coaching (including mentors, nutritionist advice) via Facebook. This is an amazing (and completely free!) system, and a great way to learn more about the lifestyle alongside other new vegans.

Veganuary and 30 Day Vegan are less personal mentoring and leave it up to the individual, but are also fantastic support sites with lots of great advice.

To get ideas about what to eat/buy, see our Living Vegan page

If you’re local to Croydon (South London/Surrey), you can find us on the high street at one of our future events. We will happily talk to you and answer any questions you may have 🙂

We really recommend making vegan friends either online in IRL (in real life) via groups such as London Vegans and Surrey Vegans UK – as being ‘the only vegan’ can be difficult depending on how much support/kindness your lifestyle is awarded from friends and family. The Surrey and London activism scenes are full of really lovely people who can give you as much advice and support you need.