Croydon vegan outreach team with inflatable chicken and pig costumes   

Vegan activism can take many forms, including personal activism where you share aspects of your lifestyle with your friends and family – in the form of facts about animal ethics, photos of vegan food, videos of animals and so on; as well as blogging about veganism, creating vegan art and wearing vegan slogan clothing.

When people refer to vegan activism they’re often referring to public activism, which could involve handing out leaflets/speaking to the public about veganism, attending a demonstration or march against various forms of animal abuse; or documenting and directly preventing abuse to animals.

Activist hugging passer-by  Activist speaking to passer-by Speaking to passer-by

We hold weekly vegan outreach in Croydon – we hand out leaflets/booklets, show animal placards, and speak to the public and answer their questions about the vegan lifestyle. If you are completely new to vegan activism, you are more than welcome to come along and shadow us/ask questions.

Cube of Truth, Croydon - Spring 2018 Activist speaking to public at Cube of Truth, Croydon Public watching footage at Cube of Truth, Croydon

There are also local Anonymous for the Voiceless chapters that would love your support – A.V. Croydon, A.V. Sutton, A.V. Kingston, A.V. Crawley, A.V. Horsham and A.V. Guildford. Anonymous for the Voiceless events are perfect for new activists, as you are able to participate without directly speaking to the public, if that is something you are not yet confident with. Search for the chapter groups on Facebook to stay up to date with future events.

Central London is home to regular activism – The Earthlings Experience, Anonymous for the Voiceless, Meat is Murder, Awakening Compassion, East London Chicken Save, regular demos outside Canada Goose (brand who use coyote fur and down jackets) and many more.